Gwannap Pit John Wesley

Git up and Go


A History of Cornish Mining Families

by Arthur Langford


In GIT UP AND GO, Arthur Langford charts the story of the Harris family of Bolenowe in Cornwall. He records the life of John Harris (1820-84) the Cornish poet, of six family members who emigrated to the USA in search of a new life between 1845 and 1865, of those family members who stayed in Cornwall, and of their descendants.

He describes working conditions in the famous Dolcoath Mine during the third and fourth decades of the 19th century, and the grim conditions experienced on board ship by the emigrants. He tells of lead mining in Wisconsin, copper mining in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and of gold mining in Victoria, Australia.

He paints a picture of pioneer life in the Mid West of the USA from 1840 to I860 and tells of a family member who fell over 300 feet in a mine in the USA, but survived to go homesteading. And of another who returned from a fruitless gold mining expedition to Nova Scotia with only a dollar in his pocket, but went on to become director and agent of the great Quincy Mine at Hancock, Michigan.

The title comes from a slogan used by a family member on a series of newspapers he started: 'Tis not by wealth or fame or fate, but GIT UP AND GO that makes men great'.

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