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The Church in Cornwall


by H Miles Brown


The Church in Cornwall tells the story of the 'rise and development of the faith and the story of the church and chapel' in Cornwall. It is a very readable and fluent outline of the story of Christianity in Cornwall from the appearance of three British bishops at the council of Arles is 314 to the state of the churches in the author's own day.

Dr Miles Brown writes of the Celtic church, the medieval church, the Reformation and Commonwealth, the Restoration and finally the development of the Non-conformist churches: of the enforcement of the services in English rather than Latin(with a smattering of Cornish) and stories of ordinary people which really bring to this history to life.

"It is now over forty years since its first publication and the book has achieved classic status...." so writes Dr Joanna Mattingly in her introduction. Miles Brown writes with great passion and humour - his passion for Cornwall, a place 'where religion is a topic to be taken seriously'.

Miles Brown, a qualified civil engineer, was vicar of St Winnow and St Veep from 1962 and later became a Canon of Truro Cathedral.

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